Smash Repairs

If you've been in an accident, no matter how big or small, our expert team can professionally repair your vehicle back to the manufacturer's specifications. We use the latest tools and equipment, coupled with up to date training and techniques to ensure all smash repairs are of the best quality for our customers. We can perform repairs for all insurance companies, as well as undertaking repairs for private jobs so that you maintain your driver rating. To find out more about our repair capabilities, or to arrange a booking, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Spray Painting

At Collision Vision we only use the best quality paints from our exclusive paint supplier PPG. These paints are widely renowned in the industry as being the most durable and of the highest quality. All of our spray painting work is performed in our spray booths, preventing contamination and maximising the quality of the finished product delivered to our customers. For more information on our respraying facilities and capabilities here at Collision Vision, contact us.

Windscreen Replacement

Often in an accident you can crack or smash your windscreen. When this happens, our qualified team can supply and professionally fit windscreens. Driving with a cracked windscreen can be dangerous as the crack can affect your vision, and impact upon the structural integrity of the windscreen. We can supply windscreens for all makes and models. To find out more, or to arrange a quote, contact us today.


If you've been in an accident, we can tow you from your accident site straight to our repair facility. Being able to tow for our customers makes their repair process as hassle free as possible. Depending on your location and the vehicle, we will either arrange for a trusted third party towing company to retrieve your vehicle, or we will come to you ourselves. For more information or to get your vehicle towed, contact us.

Plastic Repairs

Another of our services available to our customers is plastic repairs. Whether it's internal or external, minor or major, we can either repair or replace plastic components to have your vehicle looking its best. To find out more about our plastic repair capabilities, don't hesitate to contact us.

Exterior Detailing

If your vehicle's paint is old and faded, bring it in to our workshop for an exterior detailing service. We can professionally cut and polish your vehicle to bring it up like new, also taking out any minor marks or scratches on the paint surface. Our team take great pride in all their repairs and will have your car's paint finish looking great once again. To find out more or to arrange a quote, contact us.